Why join NTMA?

To say it simply, the NTMA gets it. We understand your challenges in today’s economy. We recognize that many of you face a talent gap, with necessary skills in short supply. And we know that there’s a gap between the reality of our industry and the public’s perception of it.

But even more importantly, NTMA has the resources to do something about these issues. Our educational programs stimulate the talent pipeline. Our resources and roundtables help members share best practices and solve common business problems. And by speaking with one voice, we cut through media-generated perception to communicate reality to policy makers and the public.

American ingenuity isn’t dead. It isn’t in decline. It’s alive and well in the custom precision manufacturing industry.

NTMA stands for the future. We also stand with your peers. Will you stand with us–and your industry–today?

Benefits of Joining

Networking. You don’t have to go it alone. Membership immediately connects you with peers at the local, regional and national levels—opening up conversations that can lead to new opportunities while helping you discover better ways to operate.

Training. We offer an arsenal of training programs designed to pick up where American vocational and technical education leaves off, preparing your workers to meet the demands of today’s precision manufacturing environment. These range from informal programs to college-level courses.

Discount Programs. You don’t have to be a big company to get big-company treatment from suppliers and vendors. Through association membership, you qualify for volume discounts on everything from office supplies to payroll service to shop components—no matter how small your volume may be.

Online Resources. From job postings to a members-only marketplace, from industry news to archived webinars, NTMA members can take advantage of a number of benefits without ever leaving their keyboards.

Market Research. Good business begins with good planning. But it’s hard to plan without reliable market intelligence. That’s where our reports come in. We survey the marketplace as well as our members to put useful data in your hands.

Initiatives. NTMA is constantly moving forward, seeking new ways to help you grow profitably. Our programs include everything from the National Robotics League to a constantly evolving set of benchmarks and best practices.